Wine Tasting at Fairview


Situated next to Spice RouteFairview is the perfect place where wine and cheese lovers can go to indulge their taste-buds. Unlike its neighbour, Fairview offers a different and unique kind of experience. The Fairview-experience focuses on wine and cheese that can be accompanied with bread from its bakery and condiments from its deli. There’s also a restaurant called Goatshed where visitors can go to grab a bite to eat.

Wine tasting

There are 3 different wine and cheese tasting options:



I opted for the Standard Wine & Cheese tasting. The 6 different pairings were served and explained by a host. The host was insightful about the different wine and cheese pairings but stingy when it came to serving wine which was disappointing. On my way home I only realised how robbed I felt and that I probably should have said something.




The Shop and Deli

Visitors can purchase Fairview cheese and unique flavoured condiments at The Shop and Deli. Cheese is sold at a discounted price and is super affordable compared to what you would normally pay in-store. I bought 4 different type of cheeses for R67. The shop is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy serving cheese platters at your parties.





I loved the two interesting artistic pieces at Fairview below.




Until next time.


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