Winter Beauty Must-Haves

Winter is in full swing and that means dry skin! Moisturising and exfoliating products can help to combat dryness to achieve softer and smoother skin. Here are a few of my favourite products  that I am using this winter:

Night Cream

I have an oily skin type but as soon as winter strikes, my face becomes dry and flaky in certain areas. I usually only use moisturiser to moisturise my face for the day but after washing my face on winter nights, my skin becomes tight and feels super dry. To take care of this, I bought Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream to use as a moisturiser at night.


Hand Cream

Hand Cream is always a must on my list of beauty essentials. To  help combat dry hands this winter, I purchased Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Vanilla Delight Moisturising Hand Cream at Clicks. I love the scent of anything vanilla and the fact that the product is so small is another plus because I can pop it in any size handbag.


Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub is another of my must-have items. I discovered Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub in Dischem. I use it to exfoliate my lips before I apply lipstick. It is only 30 bucks and available in different fruity flavours.


Cleansing Water

Harsh toners can cause extra dry skin this winter. I am using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water as a toner and makeup remover. It is less heavy on my skin compared to a normal toner. I use it to cleanse and to remove makeup from my eyes, lips and face.


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I hope these tips and recommendations will help you to take care of your skin this winter.


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